Throwback To Dak Prescott Getting Jumped & Knocked Out During College Spring Break Trip

While New York Jets QB Geno Smith was receiving all the press for getting punched by a teammate a few years ago, soon to be Cowboys star QB was also getting handled, of course not nearly the news as it would have had it happened with the figure Prescott has become today.

On a spring break trip to Panama City Beach, FL, the then Mississippi State QB and fellow teammates QB Damien Williams and DL Torrey Dale were jumped at a Waka Flocka Flame concert.

You can hear a glass bottle break (presumably over Prescott’s head) and then you can see Prescott get kicked in the head before trying to stumble away.

A higher quality view of a portion of the fight can be seen below.

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Prescott suffered some nasty injuries including a gash near his eye, but luckily nothing more serious.


It’s hard to imagine the group who jumped Prescott would do the same today with the offensive line he’s got down in Dallas.