Bill Belichick Has Already Updated The Name Of His Boat After Super Bowl Win


Bill Belichick has it all. Smokin’ hot wife, perhaps the greatest coach in the history of football, saying nothing during press conferences and everyone loves you, and the glory of winning ring after ring without worrying about the CTE. The only downside to the life of Belichick is the arduous task of having to update the name of his boat every time he wins another ring.

The tradition started many years ago when Bill obnoxiously named his boat after the number of rings he has, which he of course has to update often. Just a few weeks after acquiring his 7th, Bill was spotted tanning on the newly named ‘VII Rings’.

The decal features a cursive ‘R’ filled with rings hanging off.

Here’s what his old boat looked like when the Falcons had a 25-point lead on the Patriots in the Super Bowl.