Video Emerges Of A Young Tony Romo Blowing Game For High School Basketball Team

Though Tony Romo statistically has some of the best fourth quarter stats of any quarterback in history, he will be generally remembered as a quarterback who choked when it mattered most when it’s all said and done.

Before his days as an NFL QB, Tony Romo was a high school basketball star in Burlington, Wisconsin, where he played himself to an all-state selection, averaging 24.5 points a game. Despite all of that, one Redditor was brought to light footage of a young Romo blowing a pivotal game for his team.

Someone going by the name name Funkydisco, posted this 20-year-old video that shows Romo allowing the ball to be stolen from him in the final seconds, and though scoring on the next possession, giving up a game-winning three pointer moments later.

Romo can be seen in the #35 jersey in black.

Tony Romo, choking before it was cool.