Greg Hardy Arrest Video Released, Shows Him Terribly Lying About Cocaine In Car

You know you’re an outstanding, law-abiding when having cocaine in your car is mere child’s play compared to your rap sheet.

Following his domestic violence incident, former Carolina Panthers’ and Dallas Cowboys’ star Greg Hardy was arrested back in September when police found cocaine in his vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

His arrest video has just been released, which shows Hardy clearly lying about the bag full of coke that officers found in his wallet.

“I just got a job, I play football. I was at a party. I got drunk. Literally last night. I was at a mixer with NFL guys trying to do an interview. Like I said, I don’t know what happened between me and him, he could’ve slipped stuff in my pocket. Some people offered me some stuff. I literally don’t know what is in that. Whatever it is. I haven’t even seen it. I thought that I had nothing in the car. I just came from a date. I was just trying to get a date in before I go and try to get a job to play ball.”