Deleted Text Message Could Clear Aaron Hernandez Of Double Murder


As crazy as it seems, Aaron Hernandez may not have been the man who pulled the trigger in the double homicide which has the former Patriots tight end behind bars.

According to the Daily Mail’s Chris Spargo, Alexander Bradley, a close friend of Hernandez’s who boned with the NFL star over a love for marijuana and partying to excess, testified under oath that Hernandez shot him in the face seven months after he witnessed Hernandez murder Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. However, on Thursday, defense attorney Jose Baez brought forth a since-deleted text sent from Bradley to his lawyer suggesting he didn’t know who shot him.

According to the text message, Bradley was worried about facing possible perjury charges if he told a grand jury the “truth about not being able to recall anything about who shot me.”


Beyond the double murder, Hernandez is currently serving a life prison sentence for the infamous 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, meaning regardless of the outcome of the double homicide ruling, Hernandez would remain locked up until he dies.

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