3 Handwritten Suicide Notes Found In Aaron Hernandez’s Cell, Officially Ruled A Suicide


After much speculation that Aaron Hernandez’s “suicide” may not be much of a suicide after all, officials say that they have found three handwritten suicide notes in the former Patriots TE’s cell.

The notes were written on cardboard and jammed into the door tracks at the entry of his cell.

Combined with the findings of chief medical examiner Dr. Henry N. Nields who concluded today that the manner of death was asphyxia by hanging, Hernandez’s death has been officially ruled a suicide by the Worcester District Attorney’s Office.


According to TMZ, the three notes included one addressed to the public and two written for specific people, presumably his fiancé and young daughter.

The notes were found along with an open bible in Hernandez’s cell. He also had ‘3:16’ written in marker on his forehead, with the same inked splattered on the walls.


His brain will be donated by the family for CTE research.