Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged 22-Year-Old Prison Lover Revealed


During the investigation of former Patriots star TE Aaron Hernandez’s suicide while in serving life in prison, officials found three suicide notes in his cell – reportedly addressed to his fiancée, daughter, and to a prison boyfriend, Kyle Kennedy.

According to Daily Mail, Kennedy is a 22-year-old heroin addict currently serving 3-5 years in prison for armed robbery. He was reportedly placed on and eventually taken off suicide watch in the time since Hernandez killed himself last week in Souza-Baranowski Corrections Center.

According to the Daily Mail, Kennedy was a son of a businessman from Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

Court documents show that Kennedy’s own father accused him of using heroin. In 2012, he was sentenced to nine months for trafficking heroin in 2012 and a year for heroin possession in 2013.

Kennedy also robbed a Cumberland Farms at knifepoint in Northbridge in January of 2015. Shortly afterwards he was pulled over on 146, but as the cop approached the car he started driving 110 mph back towards Uxbridge. He hit several signs and a guardrail as he got off the exit. He then tried to go back up the offramp, but his car couldn’t continue, and he was arrested.

Two days later he escaped from the Northbridge Police Station holding cell, and was arrested again after running through three people’s yards.

He was sentenced to 3-5 years in prison.

Hernandez reportedly gave a $50,000 watch and other property shortly before he took his life.

Here’s photos of Kennedy –