NFL Executive: “I Think The Jets Might Have The Worst Roster I’ve Seen In A Decade.”

Simply put, if the Cleveland Browns didn’t exist, the New York Jets would be the Cleveland Browns of the NFL.

A few months after star WR Brandon Marshall was released, the Jets announced Tuesday that they will be parting ways with WR Eric Decker, telling him they will release or trade him this week, because why have good players at WR when you don’t have a quarterback to throw it to him.

With Decker gone, one anonymous NFL executive says the team may have the worst roster he’s seen in a decade.


Yes, that includes every Browns team for 10 year and even the dreadful winless 2008 Detroit Lions.

Having to face a tough schedule the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see if the Jets can win half as many games as last season, where they managed to rack up five.

The surely dreadful upcoming season for Jets fans could be purposeful though, with the Decker move appearing to indicate that the team is tanking the entire season in hopes for a high if not #1 pick in the upcoming 2018 NFL draft.