Former NFL Star WR Terrell Owens Looking To Join Ice Cube’s ‘BIG 3’ League

We know Terrell Owens as the former NFL superstar, but if he chose the hardwood over the gridiron, we could have known him as former NBA superstar.

One of the greatest WR’s of all time also happens to be pretty good at basketball, and is apparently looking to showcase his talents by joining Ice Cube’s ‘BIG3 League’.

Owens reportedly asked Ice Cube, the league’s co-founder to let him join the three-on-three professional basketball league to which former stars like Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Mike Bibby and Jason Williams also play in.


The 6’3″ Owens is a regular at the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star games, where he tends to put on a show.

“I’m a basketball fan at heart,” Owens said. “My passion isn’t football, but a lot of people don’t know that. If I had to choose between football and basketball, I’m taking that roundball all day. I probably would have had a longer career in basketball than I did in football. People don’t know that, but yes.”

Here’s a clip of Ownes playing hoops:

If there’s anyone still that should  be able to play basketball at age 43, it’s Owens.

(Bleacher Report)