Update: Ezekiel Elliott Allegedly Knocked Out A DJ At Bar, Who Had To Be Taken To A Hospital

It was reported early this morning that Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was involved in an altercation at Clutch Bar and Restaurant late Sunday night.

Though no arrests have yet to have been made in connection with the incident, multiple witnesses in the Dallas-area bar at the time of the altercation say they saw Elliott knock someone out.


ESPN’s Adam Schefter obtained the statement from Dallas police which accounts a 30-year old male claiming he was physically assaulted by someone he couldn’t identify at the time (presumably Elliott). He was transported to the hospital, where he was treated for a broken nose.

TMZ obtained a short video clip showing the victim in pain on the ground on the floor shortly after being allegedly punched by Elliott.

In Ezekiel Elliott’s defense, if the DJ was playing ‘Despacito’, the punch may have been warranted.