6’4″ 290lb. Kid Who Isn’t Even In 8th Grade Yet Gets Offer From Alabama

6’4″, 290lbs. is a massive human. 6’4″, 290lbs. is big for even college football players. Try 8th grade.

Jaheim Oatis is turning top college football programs’ heads with his massive frame. Without even entering 8th grade, Oatis already has scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Mississippi State and of course, Alabama.

The 14-year-old also happens to make the biggest man in college football look small while posing for a picture during an official visit to Tuscaloosa.

During his trip to Ole Miss, Oatis impressed coaches in a drill where he dominated a 6’8″, 300lb. senior, as well as in his relatively astonishingly fast sub-5 second 40-yard dash time.

Football isn’t his only sport though, with him dominating in baseball, throwing 84mph, and, understandably, basketball.