Chart Shows NFL Teams With Most Games Sat By Suspended Players, Cowboys Lead By Giant Margin

The Dallas Cowboys finally took a stance on their all-to-common behavior issues this week, and by doing so, accidentally cut the only of of those players who ended up not committing a crime or breaking any rules.

When it comes to tracking that bad behavior amongst all NFL teams, SportsDay calculated the worst of the 32 by calculating the total number of suspensions handed to players on each team, along with the total number of games combined those players had to sit for their team over the past year.

Not surprisingly, Dallas came in at the worst for both categories, crating quite the margin between them and the second place team.


The Cowboys have 15 suspensions for a total of 100 games. No other team in the league else has more than 10 suspensions and nobody else has more than 55 games.

Below the number of games lost for each player on the Cowboys can be seen, along with the reason for their suspension.