Julio Jones Loses $150k Diamond Earring In Lake, Hires Entire Dive Team To Find It

Julio Jones lost a Super Bowl lead earlier this year and it appears as if he’s lost another important thing.

The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver lost one of his earrings (valued at $150k each) after hitting a boat wake and being tossed into the water while jet skiing on Lake Lanier, Georgia.

Jones proceeded to hire a dive team to scour the bottom of the lake in search of his bling.

“Yeah, it was worth a little bit,” Julio Jones said.

Jones and the dive team haven’t struck luck yet, and with the visibility of the lake water combined with the hundreds of dead trees that little the bottom, it’s understandable why.


Perhaps the divers should look for the Falcons second half offense down there, because that disappeared too. They may want to check anywhere from 28-3 feet down.

(Atlanta 11 News)