Panthers Rookie RB Christian McCaffrey Makes LB Luke Kuechly Look Silly During Practice

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Carolina Panthers rookie running back Christian McCaffrey has reportedly been turning heads so far at training camp.

His quick feet, agility and ability to make people miss is one of the main factors in why the Panthers took him in the first round.

His latest victim of is star linebacker Luke Kuechly, who granted, with the amount of concussions he’s suffered, may not know where even he is right now:


McCaffrey initially gets open by wrong-footing Kuechly, faking to the right while accelerating to the left, turns and almost makes Kuechly fall. Kuechly, to his credit, stays in the play — but it doesn’t really help him much. McCaffrey stops on a dime and slide to his left side.

Exciting stuff from the rookie. Let’s see if he can replicate these moves when it really counts.