Watch The Incredible Roof Of The Falcons’ New Stadium Close For The Very First Time

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, he new digs of the Atlanta Falcons, is set to be opened in anywhere from 28-3 days, and the signature feature of it, the roof, has closed for the very first time.

The structure’s unique aperture-style retractable roof, designed by 360 Architecture, features eight roof “petals” that slide on tracks and come together at the central point. The roof takes anywhere from 28-3 minutes to close and open.

Here’s a full video, where you can see the gap close faster than a 25 point lead in the second half of a Super Bowl:

A time lapse was captured showing the length of construction.

Perhaps the second most astonishing feature aside from the roof is the mega falcon statue that resides outside the glass exterior, dwarfing any human.

(Arch Daily)