Skip Bayless Suggests Black Players Refuse To Play In NFL Games Until Colin Kaepernick Is Signed

As we approach Week 1 of the 2017-18 NFL Season, the biggest story that surrounding the NFL is Colin Kaepernick and the fact that even though he shouldn’t be is still a free agent.

Colin Kaepernick had been linked to the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens but was not signed and it is widely believed that he is being blackballed by the league after he kneeled in protest of the National Anthem.

When it comes to on the field, Kaepernick is coming off a season where he had 16 touchdowns and four interceptions – he has a resume that would probably earn him a lot of money in the NFL playing quarterback, but a fear in fan backlash and loss of sponsorships has stopped NFL owners from signing the free agent quarterback.

Earlier this week, it was announced that there would a protest outside the NFL offices in New York City to sort of help Kaepernick get a job.

We’ll see what happens outta that.

On Tuesday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed’ on Fox Sports 1, Skip Bayless suggested that if every single african american player in the league stood together and refused to play Week 1, it would lead to a dramatic impact and something would get done.