REPORT: Ezekiel Elliott Could Be Permanently Banned From The NFL If He Gets In Trouble Again

Ezekiel Elliott was suspended by the NFL Friday morning for his role in repeated alleged assaults on his former girlfriend.

Following the 2014 suspension of former Ravens RB Ray Rice, the NFL amended their personal Conduct Policy to set the suspension for domestic violence at six games.

Elliott did receive that suspension via a letter from the NFL, which includes details of his actions as well as a warning.

If the Cowboys RB finds himself in trouble in the future, he’ll be subject to a prolonged suspension or per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, banishment from the NFL.

Elliott has a string of other incidents that have put his behavior off the field in question, including pulling a woman’s top down at a St. Patrick’s Day parade back in March, as well as him allegedly breaking a DJ’s nose at a club in Dallas last month.