More Fans Attended The LA Galaxy Soccer Game Than The Chargers First Game In LA Last Night

While yes, it’s preseason, the football was out staged by fútbol last night.

The Chargers played their first game since relocating rom San Diego in Los Angeles Sunday night, and in true Chargers fashion, gave up the most points to a team ever (42) while playing at home in a preseason game.

Not only did they get outscored, they go out-fanned. Most people attended the LA Galaxy soccer game than the Chargers first game in their new city. Not a common site for the NFL to get put on the back burner by any sport, especially soccer.

According to the Chargers, who struggled to sell out their previous home, Qualcomm Stadium, regularly, did in fact sell out the StubHub Center, the team’s temporary home, Sunday.

The Chargers will play in the smallest venue (30,000 cap.) in the NFL until the new Chargers/Rams joint stadium is completed.