Ezekiel Elliott’s Alleged Accuser Hacked His Computer, Called 50+ Times And Purposely Tried To Damage His Image

More and more information in the Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence dispute(s) with his estranged ex-girlfriend continue to be revealed to the public and despite the information that has made available, Ezekiel is still suspended for six games.

On Monday, several threatening messages from Tiffany Thompson were uncovered:

  •  After being told Elliott didn’t want her at his house on July 21 and he didn’t want her coming out with him, Thompson responded with: “Ok this is what you want? Ok then, I’m going to ruin your life. You will see. If I was you, I wouldn’t go out tonight.”
  • After being told she couldn’t come Elliott’s 21st birthday party, Thompson told him “that’s worst decision you made in your life. I’m going to ruin you life now.”
  • ▪ The report also details a text message in which Thompson told Elliott: “You better be smart. And not be a dumb man.”
  • After not being allowed in the after party, she was heard yelling and screaming that “your career is over” and then proceeded to call the police.
  •  Elliott is also “100 percent certain” Thompson told him on July 22, “You are a black male athlete. I’m a white girl. They are not going to be believe you”

Then NFL.com dropped a bombshell with even more evidence that Thompson plotted to set Zeke up.

According to documents obtained by NFL.com, Elliott actually filed an official incident report alleging harassment with Frisco (Texas) Police on Sept. 5, 2016 against Tiffany Thompson, identified by the league as his alleged victim.
The report details that police were dispatched to Elliott’s house because he received “50-plus” phone calls from his ex-girlfriend between 2:39 a.m. and 10 a.m. She called from a blocked number and Elliott answered several times, he told police, informing Thompson she was not supposed to be calling him, per the report.
Elliott provided a written statement of the incident for police.
Elliott reported the claim one day before Columbus Police announced it would not press charges against Elliott, though the incident happened two days before that.
In addition, Elliott told police that Thompson hacked into his email account, found phone numbers and called them to leave “untruthful things that can hurt his image.”

The Dallas Cowboys running back has appealed his suspension.