Worse Than Your Name Being ‘Robert Lee’? This Ravens Broadcaster’s Name Is ‘Gerry Sandusky’

ESPN broadcaster Robert Lee was thrust into headlines across the country when the network decided to reassign him to another game in order to avoid an uproar over his name being the same as Robert E. Lee. The Civil War general’s statue was the center of protests the turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia last week, ironically the same town Robert Lee (the announcer) would be broadcasting from.

If you think having your name be the same as a Civil War general whose statue is being called to be torn down and one neo-nazi’s stand behind, let’s introduce you to Gerry Sandusky, announcer for the Baltimore Ravens.

Sandusky shares the name of former Penn State University football coach and convicted serial rapist and child molester, Jerry Sandusky.

Only difference? One letter which is pronounced the exact same way between both names.

Making light of the situation, Sandusky (the one who doesn’t rape kids), responded to someone on Twitter asking him about the Lee situation.

Sandusky’s talked about the name coincidence in a 2012 ESPN feature.