J.J. Watt Has Now Raised $10 Million For Hurricane Harvey Victims In Houston

J.J. Watt was perhaps just short of a living legend in the city of Houston before Hurricane Harvey struck, but now, he’s much, much more.

The Texans’ star began a relief fund with a personal donation of $100,000 in hopes of raising thousands more to aid the millions of victims displaced and in need or resources and rescue. That fund has now exceeded 10 million dollars.

The mark was reached after Hollywood stars Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus presented a $1 million check from Walmart during her show Wednesday. The huge donation comes after DeGeneres gave $50k of her own money, as well as $500,000 from Cyrus. Rapper Drake also helped push it over the mark with a $200,000 donation of his own.


Watt began his efforts after posting this video on Twitter which has now persuaded over 100,000 people to pitch in. He has continues to post video updates on the donations daily, pleading for the public’s help.

The amount that Watt’s donated has already exceeded his total earnings this season as one of the highest paid players in football.