Patriots Trade QB Jacoby Brissett To The Colts

Jacoby Brissett saw his first NFL action during Tom Brady’s suspension and Jimmy Garappolo’s injury last season as well as in this year’s preseason, racking up enough value for the Patriots to trade him to the Colts for 2015 first-round draft pick WR Phillip Dorsett.

Though swapping a 3rd string backup QB for a 1st-round pick seems one-sided on face value, the move helps both teams out in positions they need help most.

The Colts receive a seemingly capable quarterback that can fill in the time starting QB Andrew Luck will miss due to a lingering shoulder injury. The Patriots will receive a WR that will fill the hole of Julian Edelman, who will miss the entire season with a torn ACL.

The move also infers the Patriots interest in keeping Garappolo on the team instead of using him as trade value and sliding Brissett into the backup position when the Brady era ends.