The New York Jets Are The Only Team To Not Be Favored In A Single Game This Season

In the 57-year history of the New York Jets, never has a season outlook looked so bleak.

Though ‘tanking’ is a phrase thrown around in the world of the NBA, the NFL is now seeing one of their teams attempt to play moneyball during a season, seemingly purposefully trying to lose as many games as possible in hopes of getting the first-overall pick in the draft and rebuilding from there.

That seems to be the path that the Jets are taking this season with arguably the worst 53-man roster ever assembled and put on an NFL field.


That roster took its last major hit this offseason when the Jets traded away their best defensive player and one of the best defensive players in football, Sheldon Richardson, to the Seahawks.

That roster has culminated to the only team in the NFL projected by ESPN to not win a single game this season and yes, they play Cleveland Browns.

According to ESPN, the Jets are projected to screw up and win a 4.1 games this season with a mere 0.2% chance of winning the AFC East.

The best chance (45.6%) the Jets have to win a game according to the projections is when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars Oct. 1. With the quarterback depth chart that includes a banged up josh McCown, a probably bust in Bryce Petty and the starter, Christian Hackenburg, ESPN has the Jets beating the Patriots in Week 17 at just a 7% chance, the worst chance for any team against any other team on their schedule.

According to the Las Vegas Super Book, New York only has a 1000-1 shot to win the Super Bowl.

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