Chris Long Suggests Perfect Solution For Dolphins-Bucs Game Instead Of Being Played During Bye Week

The has been much debate on the best route to go about the Dolphin-Buccaneers that was scheduled to be played this Sunday during the NFL season’s opening weekend.

Since playing a football game in the middle of a torrential downpours and 120mph winds is never ideal, Hurricane Irma has forced the league to cancel the game, but have yet to figure out where to move it to.

The league has decided that the game will be moved the teams’ bye weeks, which just so happens to be on the same date, Nov 19. The downside of that would be both teams playing a full 16 straight games with no break, surely a concern for player safety. That includes Miami’s trip to London, a trip that tends to require a following bye week in itself.


With ideas swirling around, Eagles defensive end threw his hat into the mix, pitching an idea which seems almost perfect for everyone.

Chris Long’s plan could have gone through at MetLife Stadium,  which will be empty Sunday due to the Jets being on the road Week 1 and the Giants playing in Arlington against Dallas Thursday night.

The only loser would be Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who would lose out on ticket sales for one of his only seven home games this season, already having given up profits from one game in London.