Odell Beckham Seen In Dance Battle 3 Days Before Having To Miss Season Opener With Injury

Odell Beckham sat out of Week 1 Sunday night due to a lingering ankle injury suffered against the Browns during the preseason, understandable for Giants fans. This won’t exactly help.

Beckham’s absence was noticeable with the Giants offense looking abysmal, unable to move the ball, not even being able to move the ball past their own 35-yard line for almost two whole quarters.

Beckham allegedly spent up to ten hours a day rehabilitating his ankle, undergoing various therapies and treatments, but was reportedly seen dancing in a club three days before the game, even participating in a dance-off with Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.


While yes, dancing in a dance-off is much different than running routes versus an NFL defense, it’s not the best look for Beckham.

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