Mike McCarthy Goes Off On Reporter Who Asks About Team Signing Colin Kaepernick

If you’re one of those Green Bay Packers fans who are hoping your team would reach out to free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the wake of Aaron Rodgers injury, you probably would lose that hope after seeing this.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy pretty much shut the door on that on Monday when he went off on a reporter for asking about the Green Bay Packers showing even the slightest interest in the free agent quarterback:


Here’s the full quote from McCarthy’s answer:

“Did you just listen to that question I just answered? I got three years invested in Brett Hundley. Two years invested in Joe Callahan. The quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be. OK? We’re fortunate to have a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. We’re committed to the path that we’re on. We need to play better as a football team.”

Ok, still not sold on the Packers not signing Colin Kaepernick?  Hopefully this’ll help.

Pro Football Talk pointed that McCarthy is one of the biggest advocates of player standing during the national anthem, delivering a presentation to his players every year:

“McCarthy said he has used the same PowerPoint presentation each year since his first as the Green Bay Packers coach in 2006. Before the Packers’ exhibition opener – this year it was before the Family Night practice, McCarthy said – players are taught the national anthem’s meaning. They learn about its connection with sports, why it has been played before kickoffs and tip-offs and first pitches and puck drops since World War II.”

Whether or not the Packers add a veteran quarterback is yet to be seen but one can pretty much shut the door on that veteran being Colin Kaepernick, who is still a free agent.

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