REPORT: Dolphins Traded Ajayi Because Adam Gase Wanted To ‘Make An Example Out Of Someone’

Miami Dolphins fans are waking up Tuesday morning searching for answers to why their team would possibly trade away their stub starting RB for a mere 4th round pick. This may be their answer.

ESPN insider Chris Mortensen sent out this now deleted tweet at 7:50 AM, right before Ajayi was sent to Philadelphia, hinting at head coach Adam Gase and the Phins looking to make a move to send an example to the team that their play is unacceptable.


Gase was not too fond of his team’s offense after a 40-0 loss to the Ravens on Thursday night, calling it the “worst in football”. Statistically, he’s correct.

The Sun Sentinel reported that Gase was contemplating a shakeup as early as Week 2 after the loss to the Jets, calling his offense “garbage” just two games into the season.

It appears as if that shakeup is in full effect.