Bengals CB Pacman Jones Says He Was “Almost Killed” After Near-Freak Accident

Adam “Pacman” Jones is thankful he’s still alive after a near freak accident almost cost him his life on Thursday.

Jones was driving on the highway near the Bengals practice facility when out of no where power lines fell onto the road causing dozen of cars to crash including his own:


The Bengals CB told the story:

“I’m driving, these power lines just fall down out of nowhere bruh, in the middle of the highway. Almost got killed,” the Cincinnati Bengals star said on video from the scene. 

“I’m just so happy I’m alright man. If I wouldn’t have came across man I might be dead.”

He then showed up-close video of the damage to his car, as well as the downed power lines.

The incident shut down I-275 as a result.

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