REPORT: Browns Pursuing Peyton Manning For Front Office Role

The Cleveland Browns are trying to do everything they can to not be the laughing stock of the NFL.

They’ve hired, fired, hired, fired, hired, fired coaches and general managers as they look to desperately find the right ingredients to help turn around this franchise.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslem is reportedly now turning his attention to former MVP and Super Bowl winning quarterback Peyton Manning for a team president or top executive role according to CBS Sports.


The Browns are winless and have won one game in the last two seasons and if anyone knows how to win, it’s Manning. He could also help the franchise find their quarterback, something the franchise has failed at doing for decades now.

Manning hasn’t announced what his plans are for the future now that his playing days are over but reports are that if he were to take a front office job, it would be with the Titans or Saints.

Makes sense, considering Manning went to Tennessee and is from New Orleans.

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