Woman Accuses Former 49ers RB Jarryd Hayne Of Rape, Files Lawsuit Against Him

Australian Rugby player turned NFL footballer Jarryd Hayne is in the spotlight once again after a Santa Clara woman has accused him of sexual battery, battery, gender violence, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The allegations were detailed in a lawsuit filed in California Tuesday. The allegations are from events that allegedly occurred in December of 2015 while Haye was a member of the 49ers.

Via Deadspin

The woman says she knew Hayne through mutual acquaintances and ended up at the same bar after a 49ers game. She says she’s not entirely sure how she wound up in an Uber with Hayne, but that she knows she “passed out in the car due to her extreme level of intoxication.”


The lawsuit says that the woman and Hayne had shared acquaintances and they ended up at the same bar after a 49ers game that year. The woman was heavily intoxicated, and “despite having minimal interaction that night,” Hayne took the woman back to his home in an Uber. Her lawsuit says that, during the ride back to Hayne’s place, she “passed out in the car due to her extreme level of intoxication.”

From the lawsuit:

Plaintiff has no recollection of how she got into Defendant’s home other than faint recollections of an elevator and moving down a hallway. Plaintiff’s next memory was being in a bedroom and seeing a silhouette of a man with Defendant’s build coming towards her. The man put his hands on her shoulders and flipped her around so she was no longer facing him.

The man instructed her “no kissing” and shortly thereafter she felt extremely sharp pain in her vagina. When the man spoke, she recognized his voice as that of the Defendant. Her last memories were falling face down on the bed, seeing a light from the hallway, and the continued sharp vaginal pain.

The next morning, Plaintiff awoke in the same room and in the same bed. She was naked, draped in a single sheet, and still in significant vaginal pain.

As Plaintiff looked around the room, she noticed the Defendant’s clothing still in the room but not the Defendant. She also noticed a large pool of blood on the sheets next to her as well as blood on her vagina.

After hearing through an acquaintance that Hayne was saying nothing happened between them, the woman later reached out to Hayne on Instagram, asking “what had happened and why he would do that to her,” according to the lawsuit. Over Instagram, the lawsuit says, Hayne said that the two “hooked up.”

The suit goes on to say that the woman was a virgin, and she had dealt with “prior issues of depression and anxiety.” She was initially hesitant to contact the authorities because she “had heard of many cases, especially involving high profile athletes, where victims were discredited and even blamed” but eventually reported the rape to the San Jose Police Department in May 2016. According to the lawsuit, the district attorney told the woman that there was not enough evidence to prove the crime.

Hayne played one season and eight total games with the 49ers in 2015. Internationally, he is much more famous as a rugby player, winning International Player of the Year from the RLIF (the Rugby League equivalent of FIFA) in 2009.