Earl Thomas Runs To Cowboys Locker Room Postgame, Asks Jason Garrett To Join Them Next Year

Earl Thomas apparently wants to be a Dallas Cowboy next year, and he wanted the Cowboys to know as well.

The Seahawks safety ran over to Dallas’ locker room following the Seahawks win over the Cowboys, and reportedly asked head coach Jason Garrett to sign him this offseason saying “If you have a chance to get me, come get me.”


Thomas later clarified that his comments, saying, “I went to the locker room and talked to Dez and I saw coach Garrett and you know, I’ve always been a Cowboys fan growing up, but the biggest thing when I say come get me is—I don’t literally mean come get me now. I’m still in the prime of my career. I still want to be here. But when Seattle kicks me to the curb, please, the Cowboys come get me.”


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