Rams’ Blake Countess Knocks Marquise Goodwin Out Cold With Vicious Hit, Gets Ejected

The Los Angeles Rams are set to play in a Wildcard Playoff game next week as they’ve already clinched the NFC West.
But after this vicious hit, the Rams might head into Wild Card weekend without backup cornerback Blake Countess after a vicious hit he delivered to 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin in the second quarter of today’s 49ers-Rams game.
Countess was ejected from the game and could face a suspension as well.


Via Pro Football Talk

Countess delivered a vicious hit to the head of 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin, drawing a penalty flag and knocking Goodwin out of the game. Goodwin, who has a history of concussions, was carted off the field.

The hit was absolutely worthy of a suspension, and it won’t be at all surprising if Countess isn’t allowed to play next week. NFL suspensions are never easy to predict, but players have been suspended for less.

Countess is a backup who has played in all 16 regular-season games for the Rams this season. He may not play in the playoffs. And Goodwin’s season is certainly over, and given his history of concussions, he may have to think long and hard about his playing future this offseason.

In the replay you can see that it appears Goodwin ducked his head at the exact moment Countess went to lay the hit.

We’ll wait and see what the NFL decides as we’ve seen the inconsistencies with way the NFL has handled suspensions.


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