Sacramento Kings’ Started Live Tweeting Falcons-Eagles Game During A Blowout Against Clippers

The Sacramento Kings were getting blown out by the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday, so it’s social media account decided to focus on something else that was more important.

The Kings official twitter account began live tweeting the Falcons-Eagles Divisional Round playoff game while their team was getting killed by the Clippers.

The live-tweeting started with a joke about how the Kings preformed during the first half of their game, as they trailed by 19 at halftime:


Then, they decided to do what everyone else was doing, and began focusing on the NFL playoff game:

And it didn’t stop, it continued till the end of the game:

The best part came when the account briefly went back to posting about their basketball team but only because of a contractual obligation with their beer sponsor:

The Kings twitter account also took a break from live-tweeting to give an update on the final score of their blow out loss to the Clips:

But after that, they immediately went back to live tweeting the Eagles-Falcons game:

The Eagles went on to win the game as the Kings twitter account told us.

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