Ex-Bears LB Brian Urlacher’s Baby Mama Is Suing Him For $125M For Saying She Killed Her Husband

This is an insane story.

The mother of former Chicago Bears LB Brian Urlacher’s 12-year-old son claims Urlacher has conspired with attorneys and a news reporter to paint her out to be murder and she is now suing for $125 million.

TMZ has the details:


The woman behind the suit is Tyna Karageorge — who had a child with Urlacher in 2005. She later married Ryan Karageorge, who died from a gunshot wound to the head in Dec. 2016. 

Tyna had told police she and Ryan had been arguing on the night of the fatal shooting — and at one point, he reached for a pistol in her purse and shot himself. 

In her suit, Tyna claims Urlacher — along with his lawyers and a reporter for the Chicago Tribune — concocted a diabolical plot to convince officials and the public that the shooting was NOT a suicide, but rather Tyna murdered Ryan. 

Tyna claims Urlacher called the shots in the plot hoping to ultimately get custody of their son. 

TMZ also reports that according to court documents filed in Illinois, Tyna wanted $25 million in “compensatory damages” and another $100 million in “punitive damages.”

The Chicago Tribune outlined the details of how all this came about:

“Urlacher, who has joint custody of Kennedy with the child’s mother, Tyna Robertson, intervened after Robertson’s husband Ryan Karageorge died Dec. 29 from a gunshot wound after a birthday party. In court documents, Urlacher cited “suspicious circumstances” he believes surround the incident, compelling him to want Kennedy immediately removed from Robertson’s residence.

Karageorge, 34, a native of Hobart, Ind., died when a gun belonging to Robertson fired as he attempted to unload it, according to Urlacher’s petition. The couple married in September. The investigation remains open.

Robertson’s behavior in the hours following the shooting bothered Urlacher, according to the petition. Urlacher was with his son in Arizona just after 10 p.m. Dec. 29 when the boy received a Snapchat message from a cousin informing him that Karageorge had died. When Kennedy called his mother for confirmation she initially acted “happy and cheerful,” Urlacher alleged, before she eventually claimed Karageorge was involved in a fatal car accident. The next morning, Robertson called Urlacher to explain that, in fact, Karageorge had shot himself after the couple had an argument and Willow Springs police confiscated her cellphone as part of the investigation into the death.”

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