Cowboys VP Stephen Jones Calls Out Dez Bryant’s Emotional Outbursts: “It Can Be A Distraction”

It’s becoming more and more clear that the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant could be headed for a separation and the latest comments by Executive VP and Director of Player Personnel Stephen Jones further more proves this.

During an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Jones said he believed Bryant’s emotional outbursts were a distraction during the season:

“The other thing that we all see and it is certainly visible to anyone who watches our games, watches our sideline, is Dez is certainly a fiery guy who plays with a lot of emotion both on and off the field. Sometimes that can be a distraction. It can be a distraction for Dez; it can be a distraction for other teammates. We just have to really get our hands around when you put all the full body of work together where that’s headed.”

Jones also commented about Dez’s contract situation and the approach the organization will take when discussing Bryant’s future:


“Of course, we pay Dez a lot of money, and he knows that. He’s as aware of it as anybody. He knows when you get paid that kind of money there’s high expectations in terms of the productivity. Those are all things we have to look at as a team, as an organization when we start to put our team together for next year.”

Following the end of the disappointing Cowboys season, Bryant told reporters that he wasn’t going to take a pay cut but the Cowboys have already paid the guaranteed money, $45 million, in Bryant’s contract so cutting the WR wouldn’t cost the Cowboys much.


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