Frightening Short Film Shows Every Concussion During 2017-18 NFL Season

This is one video the NFL doesn’t want you to see.

With Super Bowl 52 coming up, a short film titled “Concussion Protocol” was released on The Intercept, which shows a compilation of every reported concussion this season.

The short film was directed by Josh Begley and produced by Laura Poitras.


Here’s what Begley wrote on his blog post:

This film does not make an argument for ending football. Rather, it invites a set of questions. In the spirit of Saidiya Hartman, I am interested in “defamiliarizing the familiar.”

When we watch American football, what are we seeing?

By cutting together only these scenes of injury — moments of impact, of intimacy, of trauma — and reversing them, I hope to open up a space to see some of this violence anew.

There have been 281 documented concussions this season — the most since 2012.

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