Woman Follows Seahawks Players To Facility, Yells At Them To “Get Off Your “F*cking Knees”

Many NFL fans are unhappy with the way players have gone about kneeling during the National Anthem prior to games, refusing to go to games, shutting off their, and boycotting the league as a whole to show their spurn.

This woman has gone a step further.

Two Seahawks players were followed to work at the team facility by this fan, who barraged them with profanities from her car window in attempt to show her disdain.


“… You can’t get up and be a man,” the woman says.

“You start your morning off like that?” one of the players asks.

“Get off your little [expletive] knees and not represent the [country] that made you what you are?” the woman says.

“What’s your name?” one of the players asks.

“I’m not telling you my [expletive] name,” she says. “What’s your name?”

“Big Mike,” Tyson says.

“[Expletive] off. I don’t care whoever you are. All I care about is the fact that my tax dollars pay for you to play, and go [expletive] play. And get off your [expletive] knees,” she yells back.

“You done yet?” one of the players asks.

(Yahoo Sports)