REPORT: Patriots Expected To Trade TE Rob Gronkowski In The ‘Coming Weeks’

It’s been proven that Bill Belichick and the Patriots have not been scared to make shocking roster moves that include trading some of their best players, all while still maintaining dominance. Patriots fans might have a hard time imagining another Super Bowl run without their tight end, but according to reports, that may likely be the case.

Ever since the New England Patriots were defeated in Super Bowl 52, Rob Gronkowski remained non-committal to playing in 2018. Two months later, it looks like if Gronk does end up playing in 2018, it might not be for the New England Patriots.

Boston Radio station WEEI is reporting that the Gronkowski is likely going to be traded:


Despite having his football career up in the air, Gronk was expected to return to New England despite reports of friction between Belichick and himself.

We’ve seen Belichick make moves in the past where he’s moved on from players who looked like they could still compete at a top level.

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