Baker Mayfield Meets With Psychic Who Says He’ll Be Drafted By The Arizona Cardinals

With less than a month until the NFL Draft, everyone and their brother is predicting where the top quarterbacks in the 2018 class will land, and that includes a psychic.

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield sat down with a psychic Lee Ann Cornell of the Pyramid of Enlightenment to find out where he might end up, and the result?

The Arizona Cardinals.


Via Arizona Sports 98.7

Cornell rans through a bunch of cards that say emotions and attributes Mayfield possesses. From having a lot of money in the future to being in the NFL and having success in his first season, Cornell had Mayfield a bit spooked.

A highlight is when Mayfield hears of his supposed success in his rookie year and he immediately asked if it means the team is winning a lot of games.

Cornell continued to nail Mayfield’s state, including a palm reading that said he’s good at talking to the media, he grew up with money around him and that he won’t let it go to his head once he gets some more from his first NFL contract.

Mayfield admits that it’s accurate. He was freaked out by one of the cards displaying his family behind him, as he is worried about his mom’s reactions if he doesn’t handle something correctly.

“You’re very good at what you do,” he said to Cornell.

Mayfield then picked from a large set of cards to reveal which team Cornell predicted him to be picked by.

Mayfield has a noticeable reaction of disbelief when he saw it was the Cardinals.

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