REPORT: Philadelphia Eagles DE Michael Bennett Still Hasn’t Shown To OTAs

The defensive line was the Eagles’ strong suit in 2017 and after acquiring Michael Bennett from the Seattle Seahawks this past offseason, they are hoping to continue their dominance along the defensive line.

But, apparently the wait for Bennett is still ongoing. According to reports, Bennett has been absent from the team’s voluntary workouts this spring.

When asked about, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz had this to say:


“He’s a veteran player. He’s been through an awful lot in this league. He’s seen a lot of things coming in undrafted when he came in with Tampa. So he’s seen a lot, and that experience means a lot to us also,” Schwartz said. “He’s a guy that can play outside at defensive end. He also has great success inside as an inside defensive tackling pass rush. He’s just a player that fits our scheme really well and has a lot of characteristics that we value, (like the) ability to pressure the quarterback. And it’s not just sacks, but it’s ability to be around the quarterback.” 

The Eagles don’t seem concerned with Bennett’s absence but it does raise an eyebrow with the controverisal star, who was charged with a felony charges back in March.