Aaron Rodgers Rated As Better Quarterback Than Tom Brady In Madden 19

While it’s inarguable that Tom Brady has had the greatest career of any quarterback in NFL history, it’s a not an uncommon notion that Aaron Rodgers is the most talented at the position. Madden seems to agree.

With just two months remaining before the release of Madden 19, the video game’s player ranking have been released, and even with the Patriots reaching yet another Super Bowl on the back on Brady in 2018, Aaron Rodgers sits at No. 1, two points ahead of him.

The top ten rated quarterbacks rank as followed –

1. Aaron Rodgers (99 overall)
2. Tom Brady (97 overall)
3. Drew Brees (90 overall)
4. Russell Wilson (89 overall)
5. Matt Ryan (88 overall)
T6. Ben Roethlisberger/Andrew Luck/Philip Rivers (86 overall)
9. Carson Wentz (85 overall)
10. Matthew Stafford (83 overall)

Here is the full list of top-rated players regardless of position in this year’s edition of the game.