Cowboys Trade For LeSean McCoy After Learning Of Domestic Violence Allegations

(McCoy poses with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett while being officially signed, Garrett Johnson/AP)

The Dallas Cowboys already have one of the most talented backfields in football with Ezekiel Elliott and Alfred Morris carrying the rock, but they may have gotten even better.

ESPN NFL Insider is reporting that Dallas has signed LeSean McCoy, trading with the Buffalo Bills to get the shifty back.

McCoy is fresh off of domestic violence, child abuse, PED and other drug-use allegations, making the 30-year-old the perfect fit in Dallas.

“As soon as the news came out we knew we had to get him,” said Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the Cowboys.

“We have a history of players with the same issues LeSean finds himself with at this time, and with those players usually being the most talented, we need to take up enough to maybe once win a Super Bowl that our fans can watch in color television.”

“We definitely could use a guy who knows how to beat someone at home,” Jones added. “He and Zeke will be a nice 1-2 punch”

There are no official reports on the deal, but early indications show the contract could be in the ballpark of $28 million over 3 years.

Schefter noted that the Bengals also showed interest, put passed. It was intercepted.