Tom Brady Somehow Has A Higher Catch Rating Than Nick Foles In Madden 19

CBS Sports – Among the many things Super Bowl LII taught us was that Eagles quarterback Nick Foles appears to be better at catching footballs than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

That might seem like an inconsequential skill for a quarterback, but the Super Bowl turned on passes thrown to the two quarterbacks. Foles caught his pass for a huge touchdown and Brady dropped his pass for a huge failed third-down conversion. In an eight-point Eagles win, it’s not far-fetched to name those plays as two of the biggest turning points.

So, it might come as a surprise to hear that the video-game makers over at EA Sports rated Brady’s pass-catching ability higher than Foles’. As For The Win first pointed out on Wednesday, EA Sports gave Brady a better catch rating than Foles in the upcoming “Madden NFL 19,” which will be released on August 10.