Marshawn Lynch Holds Free Football Camp For 500 Kids, Gifts Them All Cleats To Continue Playing

The driving factor behind Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement to sign with the Oakland Raiders was the opportunity to play for his hometown team in his beloved city of Oakland.

Beyond providing fans with the experience of watching and rooting for Beastmode every Sunday, Lynch is giving back to the Oakland community in other ways, most recently with his football camp. His absolutely free football camp.

While most athletes charge for camps during offseasons, Lynch held a 100% free youth camp on the back of Fam 1st Family Foundation, an Oakland-based non profit, giving 500 kids the opportunity to come learn and play the game of football.

Even cooler, Lynch gifted every camper a pair of cleats so that they can continue playing once the camp concluded.

It was Lynch’s 12th time holding the camp.