Pro Football Hall Of Fame Considering Rule To Make Attendance Mandatory: “Show Up Or Else”

This past weekend, the NFL held it’s annual Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony where the incoming Hall of Fame’rs were given the floor to speak to friends, family and fans about their journey to Canton.

This year, however, not all members were in Canton to give a speech.

That person was Terrell Owens, who instead of making the trip to the Hall of Fame stage, decided to give his speech at the University of Chattanooga.

That decision led to the Hall of Fame committee to being butthurt over T.O’s decision and now they are contemplating a rule that would force all nominees to show up to Canton by creating what is being called the “T.O. Rule”

Via ProFootballTalk:

“Per multiple sources, the Hall of Fame currently is considering a requirement that candidates for enshrinement commit to showing up for the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony before the selection committee makes its final choices.

As one source explained it, the issue became a hot topic on Friday in Canton. During the annual Ray Nitschke luncheon, attended only by members of the Hall of Fame, most strongly disagreed with Terrell Owens’ decision to boycott the weekend’s festivities. Some supported Owens. Most if not all agreed that it is important to stop Owens’ boycott of the ceremony from becoming a trend.

The Hall of Famers want advance screening of the candidates along with a commitment that they will show up. The plan, as another source put it, would consist of having the 25 semifinalists sign an agreement that they would show up if selected. It’s currently believed that the adjustment to the procedures is virtually certain to happen.”

The committee, which has already been accused of voting with their feelings instead of voting for what certain players achieved on the football is playing with more fire as this rule will be nothing short of controversial.

Would the NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame really consider not enshrining a player because he refuses to give his speech on their stage?

I wouldn’t put it past them.