Study Conducted Shows Every State’s Favorite Out-Of-State NFL Team

A new study shows that the San Francisco 49ers, not the Dallas Cowboys have more of a right to be called “America’s Team.”

The study, conducted by Custom Ink, compared Google search interest data for every NFL team to determine the favorite non-local team of each state. Surprisingly, the 49ers were the most popular out-of-state team, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants:


Half of the league — 16 teams — are not favored in any states outside of their own:

The study also found that states are tending to favor out-of-state teams from the same region, with the San Francisco 49ers being the most popular in the West coast, the Chicago Bears in the Midwest, and the Giants in the Northeast. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most common favorite in states in the South.

Who do you think the real ‘America’s Team’ is?