Malcolm Butler Is Statistically The Single Worst Cornerback In The NFL This Season

Maybe Bill Belichick cut bait at the right time.

The Patriots coach came under heavy scrutiny after Super Bowl 52 when he benched Malcom Butler, ultimately losing due to their sub-par defense performance with their seemingly best defensive player watching from the sidelines. The move remains one nobody yet full understands.

Understandably, Butler left the Patriots in favor for the Tennessee Titans this offseason, and his first two games with his new team may just be enough to get Bill to crack a smile.


According to Scott Barrett of Pro Football Focus, Butler has been targeted 17 times this season, allowing a league-high 257 yards and league-worst three touchdowns in coverage for the Titans.

Of course it’s a long season, but this is not exactly what the Titans were hoping for giving him a deal worth $60 million.