BREAKING: Clay Matthews Suspended By The NFL For Jimmy Garropolo Tearing His ACL

GREEN BAY, WI – After going down with a serious looking knee injury Sunday against the Chiefs, an MRI has revealed the full extent of the torn ACL that will end 49ers QB Jimmy Garropolo’s 2018 season.

To take out the anger of a loss of a star quarterback in a market that needs their team to be good in order for more than a few thousand fans to show up to games, the NFL and the competition committee have laid the hammer down on Clay Matthews.

The Packers linebacker was hit with a two-game suspension by the league Monday after news broke of Garropolo’s fate.


“We can’t have guys like this being mean to our precious quarterbacks each and every Sunday,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a press release regarding the matter. “Not only has Matthews failed to gently lay each QB he sacks down to the ground, he doesn’t even apologize. This type of behavior won’t, and can’t be tolerated.”

“To send a message, Mr. Matthews has been suspended in connection with Jimmy Garropolo tearing his ACL on the other side of the country Sunday. We honestly aren’t fully sure why, but we’re just being safe. The evidence of this particular player hurting the feelings of quarterbacks around the NFL is beyond mounting.”

Matthews has been hit with a personal foul penalty in each three weeks of the NFL season.