Packers Fans Create GoFundMe Campaign To Pay Clay Matthews’ Roughing The Passer Fines

Just three weeks into the new season, Clay Matthews has accrued more roughing the passer penalties than he has in his entire career before this year.

The flags come on the back of a rule change to better protect quarterbacks, deeming Matthews’ seemingly textbook tackles as illegal.

The penalties have upset not only fans in Green Bay, but fans across the NFL everywhere; but Packers fans are taking matters into their own hands.

Adam Waraxa from Pewaukee, Wisconsin set up a GoFundMe Campaign on Sunday with a goal of $30,000 that he says will go towards paying the fines from the penalties.

In the description of the campaign, Waraxa says that the officials of the NFL have been unfair and he wants to show his support for the team.

Matthews, for his part, held nothing back when speaking to reporters about the play following the game saying that the NFL is getting “soft”.