Patrick Mahomes Was Straight Up Posterizing Dudes Back In High School

Patrick Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm and nothing proved that more than him leading the Chiefs from behind to beat the Broncos in Denver on Monday Night Football.

Mahomes threw for 304 yards and 1 touchdown, while also rushing for his first career rushing touchdown.

After the rushing TD, Mahomes celebrated by doing a euro-step in the end zone and pretended to shoot a basketball.


He executed the euro-step so perfectly that many people wonder if he came from a basketball background.

Well, it turns out, he did.

Patrick Mahomes was a basketball player at his High School in Texas, averaging 19-points-per-game, 3.4 assists, 6.7 rebounds, and 4 steals in 27 games, According to MaxPreps.

Oh, he also put dudes on a poster:

Is there anything Mahomes can’t do?